N95 Mask

Self-Priming Filter&Anti-Particle Respirator

  • Product Name: Folding Mask N95
  • Product Protection Level: Filter fficiency>95%
  • Material: Non-woven, meltblown
  • Date of Manufacture: printed on the package
  • ShelfLife: 3 years
  • Executive Standard: GB19083- -2010
  • 20pcs/box
  • Enhanced Respirator
  • Low Respiratory Resistance
  • Comfortable Fit

n95 mask
n95 mask
n95 mask
n95 mask
n95 mask
n95 mask


  • It should be removed immediately when the wearer is clearly having difficult breaths.
  • It is not recommended to wear this product in a poor air quality environment(pollutants and anoxic etc).
  • It can not be used when the ambient humidity is more than 50 degrees or the ambient oxygen content is less than 19.5%
  • It cannot be used in a toxic gas environment (cannot replace gas mask).
  • It is only applicable to the protection of non-lily particles.
  • The hair under the tight frame can cause the mask to leak.
  • It is not recommended for children, pregnant women, or the elderly to wear this product, due to the existence of certain breathing resistance.
  • The mask filter is made of particulate N95 material and filters the invisible dust.
  • The mask can filter 95% or over non-oil particles.
  • Application: Rubber, crystal, fur, synthetic metal forging, batteries, synthetic chemicals, building materials, nuclear industry. mining oil, shipbuilding and metallurgy, sanitation, coal paint industry, automobile manufacturing industry.etc.
n95 mask
n95 mask