kn95 mask

KN95 Mask

  • Nano PTFE membrane filtration with the bacteria
  • Resistance rate up to 99%
  • It can be recycled for 30 times
  • 3D Nano Facial Protective Mask
  • Anti-haze/Sterilization/ Antivirus/Formaldehyde removal
  • Nanotechnology Bacteriostatics and antibacterial NANO-TECH

KN95 Mask Description

  • according to the bridge of the nose sheet molding sheet
    • Suitable for all kinds of face users flexible adjustment use
  • 3D Curved Design
    • 3D structural design, covering key parts to ensure adequate internal space
  • Four face – to – weigh groove design
    • Make sure the user wears glasses without fogging the lens and breathes comfortably and healthily
kn95 mask
  • Close skin fabrics
    • 6-layer protection and environmental protection technology materials! Make sure the user’s face is not affected or damaged

High Protection Mask – KN95≥95%

6-layer protection and environmental protection technology materials.

KN95 High Protection Mask
  1. Polypropylene spun bond nonwoven fabric (Effectively block particles such as droplets)
  2. Melt spray nonwoven fabric (Filter the air for non-oily particulate matter)
  3. N95 mask filter cotton (Composed of ES hot air cotton or melted spray cloth, the respirable dust less than 2.5 microns is blocked in the process of passing through this filter material, playing the role of air filtration.)
  4. Polypropylene spun bond nonwoven fabric (Effectively block the entry of harmful particulate matter bacteria)
  5. Melt spray nonwoven fabric (It has the functions of filtering, shielding, adiabatic and oil absorption)
  6. Polypropylene spun bond nonwoven fabric (With certain breathable, double-layer isolation filter protection, make users soft and comfortable)

Mask Wearing Method

Mask Wearing Method 01

1. Pull the elastic band behind the ear and adjust the mask and elastic band until comfortable.

Mask Wearing Method 02

2. Cover the mask with your hands and breathe. If there is any gas visible from the edge of the mask, adjust the metal strip of the mask again and press until there is no gas leakage.

Mask Wearing Method 03

3. Spread the mask with both hands, face the inside of the mask, and place the nose clip on top of the mask.

Mask Wearing Method 04

4.Press the clamp from the middle to both sides with the index fingers of both hands, and make the bridge strip fit the bridge according to the bridge of the nose.