How to Put on and Remove a Face Mask

What is a medical face mask?

  • The performance of medical surgical masks needs to comply with YY0469-2011.
  • The medical-surgical mask is divided into 3 layers, the outer layer has a water blocking effect, which can prevent the droplets from entering the mask to the inside;
  • The middle layer has a filtering effect, and the bacterial filtering efficiency of the mask should not be less than 95%;
  • The inner layer near the snout is used to absorb moisture.

What does a Medical Mask do?

  • Medical or surgical masks may help reduce the chance of spreading airborne diseases.
  • Many wear them during flu season to avoid infecting others or being infected.
  • They are not designed to protect the wearer from inhaling airborne bacteria or virus particles and are less effective than respirators, such as an N95 mask.
medical face mask

medical face mask

n95 mask

N95 mask

What Is An N95 Mask?

An N95 respirator is a protective respiratory device that fits very close to the face and is designed for efficient filtration of airborne particles.

How to put on a face mask?

How to wear a face mask
  1. You should clean your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer before touching the mask.
  2. Determine which side of the mask is the front. The colored side of the mask is usually the front and should face away from you, while the white side touches your face.
  3. Determine which side of the mask is the top. The side of the mask that has a stiff bendable edge is the top and is meant to mold to the shape of your nose.
  4. Pull up and down the folds so that the mask covers the mouth, nose, and jaw.
  5. Put your fingertips along the metal strip of the nose bridge, from the middle to both sides, and slowly press inward until it is close to the bridge of the nose.
  6. Adjust the mask appropriately so that the periphery of the mask fully fits the face.

How to put on n95 mask?

Mask Wearing Method step one

1. Pull the elastic band behind the ear and adjust the mask and elastic band until comfortable.

Mask Wearing Method step two

2. Cover the mask with your hands and breathe. If there is any gas visible from the edge of the mask, adjust the metal strip of the mask again and press until there is no gas leakage.

Mask Wearing Method step three

3. Spread the mask with both hands, face the inside of the mask, and place the nose clip on top of the mask.

Mask Wearing Method step four

4. Press the clamp from the middle to both sides with the index fingers of both hands, and make the bridge strip fit the bridge according to the bridge of the nose.

How often does the mask change?

No matter what type of mask is used, the aging time is limited, and it must be replaced regularly preferably every 2 to 4 hours. The mask is wet or soiled by secretions, and the protective performance is reduced. It is recommended to replace it immediately.

How to Remove a Face Mask?

  1. Clean your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer before touching the mask. Avoid touching the front of the mask. The front of the mask is contaminated. Only touch the ear loops/ties/band.
  2. Hold both of the ear loops and gently lift and remove the mask.
  3. Throw the mask in the trash. Clean your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer.
face mask

How to deal with the mask after use?

  • The masks worn by the general population do not have the risk of the spread of new coronavirus, and can be disposed of according to the requirements of domestic waste classification after use.
  • Masks used by suspected patients and their nursing staff are collected and treated as medical waste.

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